The Very Very beginning.

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. My name is Tara, I am a 31 yr old native Staten Islander currently living with my fiance, Michael, in the suburbs of central New Jersey. We have a newborn son, Vincent Joseph and we have 2 miniature dachshunds, Stitch and Patch.


Photo: Michael, Myself and Vincent Joseph Christmas 2013. Our First Christmas!

As you follow my blog, you will learn all the quirky mannerisms, habits and tidbits, that make up my life. Hopefully you can relate to me or at the least find my life enjoyable. You must have some faith in me, I mean, you are here, already, right?! OK then, here I go!

Let’s start with faith. Think about this, Life is a journey down a path unknown. We get lost and learn from our mistakes. Where we end up, may not be where we expected. Sometimes it can be a good thing. Sometimes it’s a bad thing. Yet, we keep going. No matter how tired we are, how much we hurt, how much we want to give up, WE KEEP GOING. We may feel like the wind got knocked out of us, but we still push onward and live. This, all because we have faith… not the religious type, but faith in ourselves to do bigger and better things.

A few years ago, I began training for the ING NYC Marathon. Since then, I’ve come to notice that with all the ups and down of training for that one epic goal, I was personally going thru ups and downs just living day to day. Holy Crap- I am living my own marathon.



Here is where my journey began…

Two years ago my life was very different. I was in a relationship that was toxic (for both of us) causing me to have a pretty bitter attitude, toward EVERYTHING. Knowing I was approaching 30, I went into crisis and was sure my life was doomed. (cue the violins) I always had great friends and family for support but sometimes you just can’t look past the ‘now’. And let me tell you, my ‘now’ SUCKED ROYALLY! So, I decided, since I wasn’t strong enough to leave my current situation, I’d take up a hobby; one that would take up ALL my time.

EUREKA! I got it, (drum roll please) TOUGH MUDDER! Yes, TM was my answer! Here I am, a 5ft nothing, maybe 110lbs, afraid to get my hair wet, high heel strutting, big hair don’t care, type of  girl and I have the brilliant idea that MUD will be my salvation! Of course I had my doubts, but if you know me, I HATE being told I can’t do something… so, having my very own brain tell me this may be the worst idea EVER,  I began training. TM was so out of my norm, it was just what I needed to get my mind away from the toxicity of my relationship.  



Photo: Meet the Fochers

Considering I kinda hated my mother f@cking life, it seemed only right to become a member of, The Mudder Fochers TM team. The MFs consisted of guys and girls who were some how connected thru 3 degrees of separation. We all knew someone thru someone and recruited at least one of our own close personal friends. I have always been pretty lucky in the friends department. I am surrounded by friendships both new and old, who get along so well with each other, that our circle just grows. I recruited one of my best friends, Jaime. Also a fashionista, she was going to join me in becoming one BAD ASS MUDDER FOCHER!  (Yea B!ches!)



Photo: myself and Jaime

So here we are, the Jersey girls prepping for TM Pocono 2012. Don’t get me wrong, we both were very health conscious and into fitness but to complete this military like obstacle course, we needed to get to running! So, some neon under armor and pink nike free runs later, the adventure began and so did my love affair with the pavement! This crazy idea of completing a tough mudder was about to sky rocket into something bigger!


Stay Tuned..

Take a moment and really appreciate where you are and where you have come from. Is it all you hoped for? Are you where you want to be?