2013- My Life Make Over and The ING Miami Marathon

Wow, where do I begin? Hello 2015! You are a sad reminder about my forgotten 2014 resolution- Blogging! Well I have a lot of catching up to do!
2013 was an amazing year! Not only for racing and PRing, but also personally! Looking back it makes me very emotional! I left 2012 off with the Harrisburg Marathon and local NYRR races. Now it was time to start prepping for Miami! I was really looking forward to Miami. Not only bc I hadn’t been on a vacation in forever, but I was getting the opportunity to run alongside my girl Gianna as she ran her first marathon! I was already up to speed with my training because of everything I put into the NYC Marathon/Harrisburg Marathon so it was nice to just go into the race feeling already prepared!
Being my second marathon, the nerves were more at ease and made for a more fun experience. And what better timing, who had time for all that training when, you are moving into your new apartment! Ever since I could remember, West New York always held a special place in my heart. I used to go to BLVD East just to sit and admire the spectacular view of NYC. On the evening I got my drivers license, I drove to WNY, parked and waited for the Empire State Building’s lights to turn off at midnight. Sipping a Caramel Mocciatto of course! From that moment on, I would vow every time I looked at the Skyline, that I would one day live here. January 2013, that wish came true. So here I am, starting off the new year with a truly clean slate. Goodbye toxicity and hello zen! Cheers to officially living the dream!

That View


I cannot begin to tell you how happy I was walking down 65th street towards that skyline (and the sunrise) everyday to catch the 156/9 bus for work. It was even more fun running along the BLVD for training and watching the moon move across the city.
Anyway, fast forward a little to the last weekend of January. It was Gianna’s Birthday and we are heading to South Beach Miami to stay with her sister Karly and run the ING Miami Marathon. Life is Good! The weekend turned out to be the perfect getaway, cocktails, sunshine, delicious treats and running thru one of the most fun cities in America.

Here are some of the memories pictured below.








The Miami Marathon definitely did not disappoint. The start was just a giant club outside the American Airlines Arena, the course was beautiful and the fans handed out everything from iced coffee to beer! It was especially fun running thru South Beach. Everyone was still partying from the night before. I really enjoyed it. I still try to pin point what made it so fun. The crowd, the sun, the scenery, my gal pals… it was just pure joy! I cannot wait to get down there and do it again!
True to form, Gianna and I planned out our race calendar for the year that night. It included- the NJ Marathon, more then a few half marathons and we even toyed with the idea of an ultrathon! I just love us!


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