The Very Very Beginning Pt2

So here I am, training for TM. 13 miles of obstacles and all I was capable of was jogging , maybe 3, 12 minute miles on a treadmill. Better stick to weight training and cross-fit, hopefully the running will come easy.

Jeez, I’m toast!

Now, I need to shout out my former boss, Mark, because he came into work that spring and pretty much told me that we are going to join the Niketown Madison Avenue run club.

Great idea Markie!

Now I’m burnt toast.


Photo: If you work in the city, especially Midtown East, I highly suggest joining the Niketown run club… trust me, you will not regret it! #dream #believe #achieve

Like many newbie runners, I never hit the black top for distance because of common ailments of the shins. It’s not my fault! You experienced runners make the sport look so graceful, we beginners have this misconception that running ‘shouldn’t’ hurt. How dare you! haha

Well great, I’m all bragging about how tough and strong I am, and now I have to decline the mandatory offer from Mark to join this stupid club. This is going to go over real well…

Later that day…

My Outlook Calendar now has a re-occurring meeting for 620PM every Tuesday and Thursday for Nike Run Club. OK then, since that went over according to plan, I guess it is time to try out these neon free runs!

So now it’s some Tuesday in March. Central Park. 59th St at 5th Avenue. 50+ people.  From elite runner to the very very beginner, such as myself, we are all here to run! The club divides everyone into 3 groups; The run/walkers, who do about 2 miles. The intermediate, 4-5 milers. The elite 6-8 milers. Of course Mark suggested the 4 mile run. (Greattttttt) So I did what any employee would do for their boss… I ran.

To my surprise, my legs felt OK. Maybe just a little tingle up the shin. 

Woot Woot! Tara-1 Nike- 0

Looking back, I am pretty sure it was my nerves that got me thru but, hey, I did it! And sure enough, Thursday rolls around and there I was, back at Central Park. Another 4 miles in! HMM, Maybe I CAN do this! I kept this routine going for 2 weeks and then added 3mile Saturdays with Jaime. In total, I was logging about 11 miles a week.

#amazeballs Maybe I do stand a chance with this Tough Mudder!

And I did!

In the interest of not writing a novel, here are some highlights of TM Pocono 2012!


Photo: Jaime and I take a running start!


Photo: Me, Look, No pain!


Photo: OORAH Fochers


Photo: Jaime and I. Electric Eel Obstacle


Photo: Me and Jaime cross the finish!


As you can see, Jaime and I finished our first Tough Mudder! By May 2012 I enjoyed a new adventure with a best friend, made lasting friendships with new friends, realized how rad my boss is, and learned that I, in fact, can run! Maybe 2012 isn’t going to be that bad?

Insert comic cloud text above my head; How was I going to top the rest of the year?

Well, Thanks to a high school pal, JoAnna and the enthusiasm of my work pal, Emilie, I had just the answer.

Since I just completed 13 miles of obstacles, why not 13 miles of pavement?!

The Half Kraut. June 2012. Pennsylvania. Sounds good to me!


Photo: Emilie. Myself. JoAnna. Philadelphia. Pre-race Meal. Yes, Mexican and Margies! (Who does that????)

$60 registration later… I was going to become an official half’thoner! Hopefully…


Photo: Officially Official!

Stay tuned…